Things are changing!

NoriyukiWe are still operating on a part-time basis at Jlodge. Added to that is the fact that everything is now takeout. Very few customers and those who come are ushered outside to sit at a table we put out on the front porch. Now that the weather has warmed up it is actually pretty nice. Please continue to pray for us and for the few students who are coming to see us!

But the news is that we are moving into a roasting business! Thank you to all of you who have begun ordering beans from us!! It takes a lot of time to roast everything on my little roaster. And then the packing and shipping are kind of labor intensive too. But we are enjoying this new level of Jlodge. It is my hope that even after things return to a more normal condition that we can continue using roasting as a way to finally bring Jlodge up to a self-sustaining ministry. Ideally we would love to have enough income so that we could support someone to work with us. Noriyuki kun would love to work here and he is passionate about ministry with us. Maybe the Lord will use coffee roasting as a way to support Jlodge and to support Noriyuki kun as well.

We so much appreciate your prayers for these things!