why Japan

Why Japan - part 1


Sadly, Japan is an often overlooked mission field.

When people think of Japan their thoughts turn to sushi, great service, wonderfully polite people who are hardworking, technologically advanced and economically secure. Tokyo is a great tourist destination with incredible food, exotic places to visit and an exciting cultural experiences. 


Why Japan - part 2

Japanese boy

Japan is a free and highly developed society.

By almost every measure they are a model society, effecient and productive. But spiritually speaking, Japan is a dark and needy. It is a land filled with superstition and many, many idols. Shrines can be found in most neighborhoods and temples are very comon. However, in the midst of all this darkness, missionaries are able to easily come and go among these people. But while many are open to hearing about the things of God, few have been willing to accept the Gospel as truth.


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