It's About Time

Time Flies

It's about time! It's about heart, it's about feel, it's about truth! (Glen Kaiser) . . . it's about life.

We breath and if we pay attention we feel the weight of our chest as it rises and falls. The dictionary tells us that to breathe is "to be or to seem to be alive: "at least I'm still breathing." 



Moment in Time

​Kairos is a Greek word meaning, "Moment of Destiny." In discipleship circles, these kairos moments are special times in our lives when God interrupts the flow of life to inject a special experience that we can learn from, grow from and learn to know our Father better.

Yuka and I had one of these Kiros Moments last year and God used it to change our lives in ways we never expected and now, here we are at Jlodge!! 

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