Such an Awesome Mystery!!


it is incredible the way a new bird is born? Think of it!! Where there was nothing, two birds briefly encounter each other, sperm swims to female egg, penetrates and together they form a new little bird! And then this new tiny bird is gently nourished by it's mother's body and finally, at just the right time an egg is formed that contains everything needed to sustain life until it is able to survive outside; and the little bird, in the cradle of his egg, is pushed out into a nest prepared for the event.

Tale of the Two Trees

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil on one side and the Tree of Life on the other. -- Which do you choose? Would you go for life or knowledge? Adam and Eve were, after all, alive and everything was cared for. Did they need the Tree of Life? They were young, strong and completely healthy. Everything needed for life was already given to them. ANY tree, any plant--all of them there for Adam and Even to enjoy . . . except the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

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