What If - Reimagining The Church

Holy Spirit

The Body of Christ in all it's rich complexity is filled with individual members who belong to Christ and to one another--who are members of one another and joined in such a profound relationship of love and Spiritual union that it almost defies our imagination! It is perhaps the highest privilege we could be given to be included as a member of the Body of Christ--among the company of saints who, through the blood of Christ, have been washed clean and stand before God holy and pure!!


House Church?

House Church

Is it a house, or maybe a church . . . . no!! I get it!! It's a coffee shop!! . . . . no, wait, maybe it's a church? 

So, what would you find if you joined us for a typcial Sunday morning meeting at Jlodge? The answer is, "it depends". It depends on who comes and on what the needs of the group are. And sometimes on other things too. 

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