Such an Awesome Mystery!!


it is incredible the way a new bird is born? Think of it!! Where there was nothing, two birds briefly encounter each other, sperm swims to female egg, penetrates and together they form a new little bird! And then this new tiny bird is gently nourished by it's mother's body and finally, at just the right time an egg is formed that contains everything needed to sustain life until it is able to survive outside; and the little bird, in the cradle of his egg, is pushed out into a nest prepared for the event. Finally the little bird has no more use for the miracle of his egg and he pecks and claws his way out and his little lungs eagerly draw in their first taste of the air which will later bear him up in flight.

New Baby Birds

As the little bird grows, his parents bring worms and bugs for him to eat. And those worms and bugs are transformed through the miracle of digestion into living bird tissue. Those worms and bugs will fly with him and sing bird-song with him as, together, they rise up through death in this new life form. 

And yet, these beautiful birds are most likely not aware of themselves. Self-awareness is a privilege reserved for higher life forms. This is an even greater mystery---this awareness of ourselves, of our life;  that we have hopes and dreams and loves and hates and failure and loss and depression. These things are part of the greatest mystery of all. We are alive . . . and we know it! 

We did not choose to exist. This was a gift thrust upon us by our creator as part of His great design of the full expression of His love. We cannot earn or strive for life. We cannot lengthen it and we cannot avoid it's eventual demise. Every breath we eagerly and desperately inhale leads us one more breath toward the end of breathing. We, like our ancestors before us, will one day breath our last--and collapse into a lifeless mass of cells that is immediately labeled, "the remains". 

YAHWEH, the great creator of life and of all things has determined that new life will be created through the intimate act of a sexual union between a man and a woman. This was not His only option. He could have created life in such a way that new babies would grow on trees until they were "ripe" enough to sustain their own life. But, in His eternal wisdom---in the expression of Himself, He has ordained that new life is the fruit of an act of love in the context of a lifetime commitment to a shared experience of living. He has determined that children will grow up being nurtured by parents.

This un-asked for gift of life; this existence we find ourselves experiencing, does not belong to us. We have no claim of ownership other than what our Creator has granted---our freedom to choose. This self-awareness . . . this condition of life, is "of God" and not "of ourselves". Abraham Heschel wrote: "Our life is not our own property but a possession of God. And it is this divine ownership that makes life a sacred thing." 

With each breath let us worship the one who made the air for us to enjoy. With each meal let us worship the one who has not only given us food to eat and sustain our life but also given tongues with taste buds so that we might enjoy it. 


The picture of the Robin's Eggs was painted by Karen Margulius. I highly recommend that you check out more of her work here. She is a wonderful artist!