More Jlodge News

roasterRecently the Lord has provided some unexpected growth in the roasting side of Jlodge's business. We are not yet operating at a break even level, but, if/when we get back to a normal school year (ie. in September?)  if we can keep this up, and, we can go back to our usual customer base, then, we should be finally in the black!!

It is not easy and I need to spend whole days in front of the roaster. (we have a very small roaster) but I am learning a LOT about roasting and through a wonderful roasting class and now this concentrated experience, I am much more confident in my ability to consistently roast good quality coffee. It is a nice accomplishment. We need more clients if roasting will really help us through and if this level of roasting continues we will need to upgrade to a larger roaster. I am able to roast 300g to 350g each roast.

However, the main purpose for all this is to sustain a ministry of bringing the Gospel of Light to the students who study at Tokai University. Our purpose is not to do business. Please pray that the Lord will give us the wisdom to make good choices that truly build into the Kingdom. 

As always, we so much appreciate your prayers!