Looking Through Time

Fall colors

I have often wondered how God sees us and the world. He is not limited by time like we are. He can see the beginning and the end of a thing before it has begun. He always knows all things, he always sees all things and He is always everywhere.

I often wonder when I see a flower or something, how God sees it. Does he watch it in very slow motion . . . much slower than we see it? Or, like in time-laps photography, does he see is all happen in one beautiful burst of growth as the flower opens the seed and bursts forth through the earth and finally finds the sun and sky. Does he see it unfurling it's petals and leaves, lifting it's beautiful form up to be beheld by it's Creator?

God can see the world however He chooses to see it. Sometimes I wonder if He always sees everything in every way of seeing it.

This short video reminds me of God, of His perspective on the world, of His perspective on me, on all of us.

Fall Foliage - 1,600W Drone Light from BROOKLYN AERIALS on Vimeo.