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Summer Bummer for our Beans

You may know that Yuka and I spent some time this summer in America. It was a great time to reconnect with churches, supporters, friends and family. We came home refreshed (after jet lag) and eager to move forward with Jlodge. Our first task was to roast for all our coffee subscribers. It was great to get "back in the saddle" with my roasting. That was all good news. 


More Jlodge News

roasterRecently the Lord has provided some unexpected growth in the roasting side of Jlodge's business. We are not yet operating at a break even level, but, if/when we get back to a normal school year (ie. in September?)  if we can keep this up, and, we can go back to our usual customer base, then, we should be finally in the black!!

Things are changing!

NoriyukiWe are still operating on a part-time basis at Jlodge. Added to that is the fact that everything is now takeout. Very few customers and those who come are ushered outside to sit at a table we put out on the front porch. Now that the weather has warmed up it is actually pretty nice. Please continue to pray for us and for the few students who are coming to see us!

RSS Feed

RSSJust a quick mention that I think I have successfully installed an RSS feed to this News and Prayer Requests page. At the bottom of the page you will find a small RSS icon. When you click that it is supposed to take you to the next steps. For me, it works well with Postbox, an email client I use. But I couldn't get it to work with Apple Mail.

Roasting Needs

bearingNow that Jlodge is operating on a part time basis, and keeping in mind that we have never been fully self-sustaining, we are beginning to expand the roasting side of things. BUT, now that my little roaster has been faithfully working hard for the past six years, it is time to replace the rear main bearing.

Zoom Tonight

zoomIt seems that zoom is no longer the sound that a race car makes. Right now it is the only way to meet up with our friend, the regulars and some new ones who have been coming to Jlodge. It is in some ways kind of sad that we cannot meet our friends and that our activity at Jlodge is so constrained.

Jlodge Has Changed.

Jlodge continues to be very quiet. We sometimes see as many as four or maybe five people in a day if things go well. But even so, conversations are limited because everyone stays outside. In fact, we are often in the position of enforcing that.

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