Two Boys

Today some friends are staying with us at our home. They have two kids and it's been very fun to have them playing around and making "kid" noises. A few minutes ago their mother asked them to go outside and play. Now I am watching them from the dining area. The two boys immediately found a couple of sticks and a very small unripened fruit that fell from a tree during a recent rain. They have quickly created a friendly competitive game of hitting the little piece of fruit around and presumably trying to accomplish something. These two brothers are having a wonderful time laughing and playing together.

Children PlayingWhat occurred to me is that those sticks and the little ball of unripened fruit have been available for me and Yuka to play with. they were there when her parents visited a couple of weeks ago. But we have never thought about using them to play with. I wonder what the difference is---what have we lost in the years of growing up and growing old? Where is our spontaneity, where is our simple delight in playing with a stick and a bit of fallen fruit?

Jesus told His disciples, "Unless you turn from your sins and become like little children you will never get into the Kingdom of heaven. So, anyone who becomes as humble as {a} little child is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 18:3-4)

We've all seen damaged children . . . victims of abuse and with other problems . . . children who don't play or laugh like these two boys . . . who are not like the child Jesus had in mind when He spoke those words. But the children playing in our garden are not damaged. They are beautiful, humble and wonderful boys who sometimes fight with each other, who rebel from doing their school work and who love to find new adventures and to explore new places.

These boys and millions of others like them don't have to try to love and trust their parents. It's so natural to them that they never think about it. Loving and trusting in their parents is an unconscious part of their existence.

I want to recapture the good parts of my childhood. And I especially want to love and trust my Father like these boys love and trust their parents.