Moment in Time

​Kairos is a Greek word meaning, "Moment of Destiny." In discipleship circles, these kairos moments are special times in our lives when God interrupts the flow of life to inject a special experience that we can learn from, grow from and learn to know our Father better.

Yuka and I had one of these Kiros Moments last year and God used it to change our lives in ways we never expected and now, here we are at Jlodge!! 

We had come to Japan (a pretty intense life change) and we began a ministry in a cafe called Cafe and Beyond. Our plan, God's plan (we thought) was to start a new fellowship there, teach English to cafe customers and begin growing a ministry presence here in Japan. And then everything began to change. The business was struggling - a lot. Finally the owner had to close the cafe. We suddenly had no more platform, no place from which to build a ministry. 

Kairos Moment Diagram

That was the Kairos Moment I am talking about. We were kind of stuck. There was no plan B. All we could do was pray and ask God to show us His plan, His desire for us.

These Kairos Moments can be just about anything. You might be reading in God's Word when He suddenly grabs your attention and locks your heart into a particular passage as He speaks in a new and penitrating way into your life. Or maybe the entire foundation for everything you are doing is pulled out from under your feet . . . our experience. 

When it happened to us, we didn't have this diagram and we didn't know the word, "Kairos." But I think it would have been helpful if we had. But more than knowing the word it would have been very helpful to have been in a fellowship group that knew the word and had thought about how to help each other, to pray with each other through it. It would have been encouraging to hear others telling us how excited they were for us as God was clearly moving in a special way in our lives.

We didn't panic when our moment came. But we felt that we were in a serious situation. Looking back it's amazing at how quickly God acted. It truly was a "moment". Within less than one month we had received the call to come and take over the Jlodge ministry and almost immediately we knew it was one of those special God-appointed opportunities.

The thing is, these so-called, "Karios Moments" are not limited to big events or spectacular things that happen. God IS speaking. This idea of wanting to be alert for karios moments should really be a way to sharpen our senses to be more aware of the "continually-speaking-voice" of our Father. Too often I am just too busy to take time to notice the little ways He speaks to me. I'm too tired after a busy day at Jlodge to notice that "still, small voice" of God. 

Are there "Karios Moments" in life? -- Yes, of course. And when those moments occur, we should be alert to what God is teaching us or the ways in which He wants our lives to change.

But God is not limited to speaking through isolated moments when He unexpectedly breaks through into our "normal" life to say something. These so-called Karios Moments are part of a much greater and beautiful mosaic of His Spirit living in us. They are a small part of the communication from Him.  Our Father--our Pappa communicates in many ways throughout our daily lives with an intimate, joyful love that always reaches into our hearts. He is always speaking, always loving, always yearning for us to turn to Him with words of love pouring out from our hearts toward Him.