Jlodge Has Changed.

Jlodge continues to be very quiet. We sometimes see as many as four or maybe five people in a day if things go well. But even so, conversations are limited because everyone stays outside. In fact, we are often in the position of enforcing that. We are really unsure of the best way to manage all these things as we continue to strive to bring the presence of Jesus intotheir lives. As you can see in the picture on the right, Yuka put up a plastic screen to make sure we can maintain a proper and safe social distance from everyone.  

In part, we want to be good examples to everyone of behaving responsiby and looking out for the needs of others before those of ourselves. And, in part, we don't want to become sick from an infected and perhaps careless student. In the meantime, the number of infections continues to rise and we are still in a state of emergency. 

Please pray for us that we will know how to respond to all this and that we will be sensitive to the Lord's prompting and guidance. Also, that the Lord would create renewed hunger in students' hearts to hear of His answers to these difficult times!

Thank you for standing with us!