At Jlodge we are striving to become one of the top coffee shops in and around the greater Tokyo/Yokahama area. We now serve only specialty quality coffee that is roasted on our in-house roaster. We have learned how to pour latte art, and to pull a good espresso shot. But we still have a long way to go before we will be among the best of the best.

Doing business as a mission is no longer a new concept. But it is still a reletively uncommon ministry model for missionaries. It is far more common to find missionaries working alongside churches as they provide English conversation classes, Bible studies and create and organize activities in an effort to draw unsaved people into the church where they can hear the Gospel. We are working in cooperation with the Chigasaki Holiness Church but it is not a direct connection as is usually the case.

As a ministry we want Jlodge to be a second home for our customers. Because of our location we serve mainly students who attend the Tokai University. There are around 24,000 students there and we have barely scratched the surface in terms of making a significant impact into the student population. But to those students who frequent Jlodge, it is far more than a coffee shop. Through friendships that have formed with many students, we have created a warm, friendly Jlodge community -- we sometimes think of it as the Jlodge family. 

This model for building a ministry is very significant and provides an important bridge for making meaningful relationships with people we would never have the chance to meet otherwise. Jlodge provides an opportunity to build trusting friendships through which we can share the Gospel in natural culturally sensitive ways. The atmosphere of the coffee shop environment becomes a bridge that allows our customers and us to come together and to share our lives with each other. When someone begins to come in regularly we almost always have opportunites to share our faith as part of the process of sharing ourselves with them. 

But Jlodge is not the only thing we are doing. Many of the ministry opportunities that God provides through Jlodge happen in our home. We often invite students we have come to know as friends into our home or to join us for other activities.

Jlodge is a bridge. Our home is a bridge. But real ministry still happens the "old fashioned way" as we rely on the Holy Spirit to open the doors into student's hearts. He is the one who saves. We are seed planters and ground waterers.

This video will give you a brief glimpse into Jlodge and help you understand what we are doing there.