Why Japan - part 1


Sadly, Japan is an often overlooked mission field.

When people think of Japan their thoughts turn to sushi, great service, wonderfully polite people who are hardworking, technologically advanced and economically secure. Tokyo is a great tourist destination with incredible food, exotic places to visit and an exciting cultural experiences. 

But people don't think of Japan as a mission field. We don't see the terrible sense of hopelessness and depression that grip this spiritually dark nation. The Japan Times published an op ed piece on the epidemic of depression calling it a National Ailment. 

In March of 2011 Japan was struck by a devastating earthquake and tsunami that swept through entire towns and villages killing 17,000 in just minutes. Aid poured in from around the world and especially from the United States and especially from the Christian community. But that same year, and in the years prior and after, more than 30,000 commit suicide. 

This advanced 1st world country is devastated by a Spiritual poverty that leaves the Japanese people struggling to find meaning and purpose for their lives. The Joshua project has ranked Japan as the 2nd largest unreached people group in the world.

This is a pivital time for Japan.

  • The fastest growing and largest churches are in Asia. Japanese can no longer claim that Christianity is a western religion. 
  • The youth in Japan are growing up with global values that are different from their parents. They have seen the harsh reality of the brutal work ethic of their parents. Many grew up without knowing their fathers who worked long, hard hours. Now those companies wont' hesitat to lay off workers. Young people are spiritually hungry; They are more open and ready to explore the life and teachings of Jesus than perhaps ever before.
  • Although there is no open persecution to the spread of the Gospel right now, and although there is an openness to the Gospel among the young generations, there are fewer and fewer missionaries in Japan. This country is too often overlooked and remains a very needy mission field.

This Video was produced by David McDaniel with YWAM Tokyo.

Why Japan from Oliver Banyard on Vimeo.