It's Hard to Know

You know about Jlodge. It's the ministry that is also a coffee shop, right? Or, maybe it's the coffee shop that is also a ministry?! But knowing what it is doesn't help us know what God's plans are for any particular day! Usually it's students who come in and the conversation begins as we talk about the weather or how studying is going or maybe about an upcoming Jlodge concert.

But the other day a friend who is a young pastor came in and we spent a couple of hours talking about his vision and mission. I was helping him figure out what it means to identify God's calling on your life and how a vision or dream (dream in the sense of a hope or desire) can grow out of that. For me, my dream, my vision is to see the nation of Japan be transformed into the land of the risen son. The mission or the part that God has given me in seeing that happen is do disciple young people into a deep and abiding faith in God in a way that also gives them experience in discipleship as a means for evangelization. 

My friend, on the other hand, had never written something like a vision or mission statement. He didn't realize what a powerful tool that can be as we all seek to listen for God's voice while we decide whether this or that ministry opportunity really fits with God's calling on my life. He is not beginning to understand more clearly that his life is all about ministering to high school and junior high school children within the so-called 4/14 window. This is a critically important area of ministry and especially in Japan. I'm not sure yet but I think they may be more ready to receive the Gospel and to put their faith in Jesus than older age groups such as university aged young people.

Later in the day Ayumi chan came into Jlodge. It is exciting to get to know her more and more. She recently came to our home for dinner and now, on Sunday she will join us for our church service at Jlodge.

On one day this week, Jlodge became the place of safety and refuge for a young pastor who is wrestling through his calling. At Jlodge we were also able on that same day to continue our role in a young girl's life as we encourage her journey toward faith in Jesus.

I wonder what today will bring!!