The First Awakening

Gen. 2:15   The Yhwh Elohim took Adam and put him in the garden of Eden . . . 

Yhwh Elohim took Adam . . . the new man, this living dust taken by the giver of life. Adam was too young to know too young to go by himself. God did not send him. Yhwh Elohim gently took the living dust into the garden. Apparently unable to go on his own or perhaps simply unaware. God gently brought him to where he had never been, to where he needed to be. Adam had rest in the arms of Yhwh Elohim, to lovingly trust as his God took him, perhaps walking hand in hand through the new creation. Adam bathing in a grace and love so deep that He could not conceive of it but simply rested in it’s warmth.

Yhwh Elohim put him in the garden . . . this “taking” brought God and Adam, Father and son, to a destination. The journey, delightful as it must have been, was soon complete. No one knows how long they lingered together, delighting in each other and the abundance of life all around them. No one heard their their first words to one another. This was the simple joy of perfect love together with new, pure innocence. 

But Adam was a man in need of food, in need of sleep. God put him in the garden and left  him to sleep, to wake, and to enjoy the discovery of his home.