Do you weep?

Do you remember the last time you wept? Where were you? Why did you cry? 

There is a story about a time when a little boy and his mother came home from shopping. As they drove up to their home, they noticed that their neighbor, an elderly man whose wife had very recently died, was sitting on his front porch weeping. The little boy went over to his house and sat with him for a long time. Later when he went home his mother asked him what he and the man had talked about. The boy answered, “We didn’t talk about anything, I just helped him cry.” 

Sometimes the most meaningful thing we can do is to cry with someone. 

In a moving passage of scripture, Jesus is standing in front of the grave sight of his friend Lazarus. He is about to raise his friend up from the dead but before He does this he looks around at all the people together with his close friends Mary and Martha. They were grieving the death of their brother . . . and Jesus wept.

Romans 12:15 Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep