In the Cool of the Day

Cool Summer Evening

This evening I walked home alone from Jlodge. Yuka had gone home earlier to begin cooking dinner and although it had been a busy day the last couple of hours were very quiet; I had time to clean up and prepare for an "on-time" closing.

It has been quite hot recently and this evening was a delightful break. I walked home slowly, lingering at flowers and watching the sky with the clouds floating by. A cool breeze made the scene even nicer. In the distance the sun was slowly setting and the nearby mountains looked like they were enjoying the cool evening with me. I couldn't help thinking about my very ancient ancestors who also enjoyed walking in the cool of the day. I could easily imagine their delight in the gentle breezes and the golden light of a setting sun. The sounds of cicadas were buzzing all around me and I wondered what sounds they enjoyed, what birds lifted their voices or what insects buzzed or chirped to announce their presence. 

But my ancient ancestors had something else to look forward to beyond the light evening breeze or the cool breezes brushing against their skin. This was the time they looked forward to when Papa would meet them and walk with them and to enjoy the garden with them. I wonder if they were eager to show him their day's work or some special creature or flower they had discovered. Maybe they wanted him to share something delightful they had found to eat. I think that sometimes they must have sat on a hill overlooking Eden . . . Father with son and daughter loving, laughing, talking and eating together. 

And then, things got kind of awkward. The evening came when Papa called to them because they didn't show up for their date with him. Of course, he already knew what the problem was. He was there with them when they first began listening to satan with his oily words dripping from his mouth. He was there with them as they reached out to take what was not theirs, to seek out knowledge that He had told them was dangerous for them. He was right there with them when they first realized they were naked and tried so clumsily to cover themselves with fig leaves. It must have been a sad evening for all of them. But most of all--it must have been a very sad day for Papa.