A Glimpse of our Holy and Loving Father


Creative genius reflects the wonder of God even in this sin-broken world where illness and deformities and moral corruptness interfere with the free expression of God. This Sixty Minutes documentary is inspiring and can draw your heart to worship our loving Father who allows us to catch glimpses of heaven in the most unlikely places. What an awful tragedy it is that our acts of abortion deprive us of untold riches of human genius and the beauty endowed upon us by our Creator.

Tokyo School Girls for Sale

Japan's "cutesy" culture has a dark side in the way high school girls are treated. Schoolgirls are now offering themselves for "walking dates". Middle-aged men pay to walk with them and flirt with them and often these walks happen to meander past (read - into) love hotels. Japan is a land of beauty and charm. The Japanese people are world renowned for their gracious politeness. But this is a culture devoid of Christ and their moral standards are determined more by what may bring shame than by what may be wrong.



It's About Time

Time Flies

It's about time! It's about heart, it's about feel, it's about truth! (Glen Kaiser) . . . it's about life.

We breath and if we pay attention we feel the weight of our chest as it rises and falls. The dictionary tells us that to breathe is "to be or to seem to be alive: "at least I'm still breathing." 


Simple, beautiful, meaningful

Sakura Flowers

Simple, beautiful, meaningful . . . Sakura–cherry blossoms, delicate with hidden power. But as you may have noticed, they only last a couple of weeks before they begin falling off the trees. If you are too busy to go out and see the sight, you will miss it. But even in their falling, they are beautiful, like a pink snow in warm weather. They float and flutter away in the wind like a gentle rain.

What If - Reimagining The Church

Holy Spirit

The Body of Christ in all it's rich complexity is filled with individual members who belong to Christ and to one another--who are members of one another and joined in such a profound relationship of love and Spiritual union that it almost defies our imagination! It is perhaps the highest privilege we could be given to be included as a member of the Body of Christ--among the company of saints who, through the blood of Christ, have been washed clean and stand before God holy and pure!!


A Fun Fact About Japan!

busy train platform

This amazing fun fact about Japan comes from Rocket News 24. It is about the 51 busiest train stations in the world! After living here for less than four years we can personally verify that these train stations are sometimes out-of-control-crazy-crowded!!! We have spent a LOT of time weaving and dodging our way past throngs of people as we hurry to get to the next train.

Such an Awesome Mystery!!


it is incredible the way a new bird is born? Think of it!! Where there was nothing, two birds briefly encounter each other, sperm swims to female egg, penetrates and together they form a new little bird! And then this new tiny bird is gently nourished by it's mother's body and finally, at just the right time an egg is formed that contains everything needed to sustain life until it is able to survive outside; and the little bird, in the cradle of his egg, is pushed out into a nest prepared for the event.

Deep Learning

AI is coming!

I'm not going to say that computer intelligence is a bad thing. I have fun with my iphone siri ability. But we have not seen anything yet. Computer "artificial" intelligence is, for me, a sobering idea that should set us all to some deep thinking of our own.

This video is taken from a TED talk and is well worth your time (less than 20 minutes). Artificial intelligence, or maybe autonomous computer learning is here, it's among us and I believe it will dramatically alter our lives.