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The purpose of our existence is to bear fruit; this brings glory to our Father. BUT bearing fruit is NOT our job.


Other than his origins, one of the first things we learn about Jesus is revealed immediately after his baptism. He came up out of the water and . . .

The “Christian life” can be summarized into just a few statements:

2 Peter 2:1-22  This entire chapter reveals the evils of false prophets and not only the danger they present to all of us in the Church, but also God's anger toward them. As Don Wright says, these are, "false prophets, self-centered leaders. How much easier it is today to be led astray than (it was) in Peter's day!"

Why Japan - Why Now

JapanJapan is one of the worlds largest economies and yet they suffer from a very deep spiritual darkness. Many are perishing. God has brought us here in His plan to reach the Lost.

What is Jlodge?

jlodge Jlodge is definitely a coffee shop where we serve specialty coffee with a wide variety of sweet flavors! But it is much more! It is community, it is the presence of Jesus. It is a place of love.

About David & Yuka

   We love serving here in Japan. And we love making waffles and coffee for Jlodge! Hope you can come see us sometime! You can learn more about us if you click on the picture! 

How Can I Support You?

When I hear people ask that question I am always amazed and very glad - and humbled! To give of yourself through prayers for us or to give financial support are both sacrificial ways to express your love to the Lord. But even as I am always happy and feel humbled, I am not too surprised. Why should I be surprised to see my brothers and sisters respond to the Lord with such sacrificial love? Together we kneel before the same Lord and marvel at His sacrifice and respond to His Spirit as He leads us into ministry together to bring His Gospel to the people of Japan.

Yuka and I take our place along with all of you who through your prayers and your financial offerings seek to follow the Lord into the corner of His harvest field in Japan. Thank you for joining with us and with all the others who are making this ministry possible.

Simply click on the donation button on the right. Donation ButtonFrom there you will be taken to the NEW DONATION PAGE where you can read about our ministry and see a video we made about our work at JLODGE .  If you would like to make an offering to support our ministry in Japan you can simply select the amount of your donation or fill in the "other" amount. Then, click the "Donate" button. From there you will be guided through the short one-time process of setting up an account with payment information.  

ECFA badgeJems is a member of the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability. We are diligent and careful about how your donations are applied so that they can be used where God has intended.


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Is the Lord leading you to come to Japan? There are so many areas of need and so few people to fill those needs! Maybe you are the next missionary for Japan. The Japanese Evangelical Missionary Society (JEMS) is not simply a sending agency for missioaries. JEMS' mission is to equip you to go and serve by using your unique talents, personality and skills. JEMS staff is there to help you discover where and how the Lord is calling you and to then come alongside to assist you in following that calling.

If you are interested in either some kind of short-term mission trip or a career position, please contact Roy Toma, the Japan Director. ( and he will start you on your way.