Words Matter


I love living in Japan. Food is great, the people are nice and the culture is rich and interesting. It enfolds one in a comfortable closeness that takes getting use to but which yields rich rewards for anyone willing to invest themselves into it. 

Beautiful Japan

the gate

What a beautiful planet God has created. Extraordinary beauty can be found all over the world. Here, I will highlight a few places of special beauty found in Japan. Some of these pictures are of the incredible natural beauty of this island nation while others have been shaped and formed by the Japanese people from the beauty they find in God's creation all around them. 

A Glimpse of our Holy and Loving Father


Creative genius reflects the wonder of God even in this sin-broken world where illness and deformities and moral corruptness interfere with the free expression of God. This Sixty Minutes documentary is inspiring and can draw your heart to worship our loving Father who allows us to catch glimpses of heaven in the most unlikely places. What an awful tragedy it is that our acts of abortion deprive us of untold riches of human genius and the beauty endowed upon us by our Creator.

Simple, beautiful, meaningful

Sakura Flowers

Simple, beautiful, meaningful . . . Sakura–cherry blossoms, delicate with hidden power. But as you may have noticed, they only last a couple of weeks before they begin falling off the trees. If you are too busy to go out and see the sight, you will miss it. But even in their falling, they are beautiful, like a pink snow in warm weather. They float and flutter away in the wind like a gentle rain.

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