Simple, beautiful, meaningful

Sakura Flowers

Simple, beautiful, meaningful . . . Sakura–cherry blossoms, delicate with hidden power. But as you may have noticed, they only last a couple of weeks before they begin falling off the trees. If you are too busy to go out and see the sight, you will miss it. But even in their falling, they are beautiful, like a pink snow in warm weather. They float and flutter away in the wind like a gentle rain.

Last week a beautiful thing happened that only a few privileged people were able to witness. . . .our good friends, Kotaro & Junko-san were baptized! Unfortunately (for me) I was not able to be there to witness the event. But this is big news! A Japanese couple putting their faith in Jesus and getting baptized is no small thing! I really love to see a baptism; the look of confident joy after coming up from the water is really something to behold. And it’s wonderful to watch the effect it has on everyone who is watching. This is a great time of celebration; everyone is so happy!

But then, quite suddenly, it’s over. All dried off, the baptized people go home, wash their wet clothes and maybe settle down to watch some TV or something. But the memory lingers, the deed is done and there is a liberating sense of the joy in the obedience to an ancient command.

I wish you could have been there. . . . .I wish I could have been there.