It's About Time

Time Flies

It's about time! It's about heart, it's about feel, it's about truth! (Glen Kaiser) . . . it's about life.

We breath and if we pay attention we feel the weight of our chest as it rises and falls. The dictionary tells us that to breathe is "to be or to seem to be alive: "at least I'm still breathing." 

In that case, I seem to be alive! It's nice. I like it. But God has ordained that our life is very intimately joined with time. What each of us has is some time to use until we run out and die. No matter how much money or how little, no matter how much strength or how little, no matter how much time we have until we die, each of us has exactly the same allotment of time for each day. We don't know how many days, that, like everything else is in God's hands.

All we really know is that we've been given the gift of now. The question is what will we do with our now? We use it to write blogs, feed ourselves, to clean up and sometimes to watch TV or read a book.

How will you spend your time today . . . . right now?