In the Cool of the Day

Cool Summer Evening

This evening I walked home alone from Jlodge. Yuka had gone home earlier to begin cooking dinner and although it had been a busy day the last couple of hours were very quiet; I had time to clean up and prepare for an "on-time" closing.

Tale of the Two Trees

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil on one side and the Tree of Life on the other. -- Which do you choose? Would you go for life or knowledge? Adam and Eve were, after all, alive and everything was cared for. Did they need the Tree of Life? They were young, strong and completely healthy. Everything needed for life was already given to them. ANY tree, any plant--all of them there for Adam and Even to enjoy . . . except the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.


Moment in Time

​Kairos is a Greek word meaning, "Moment of Destiny." In discipleship circles, these kairos moments are special times in our lives when God interrupts the flow of life to inject a special experience that we can learn from, grow from and learn to know our Father better.

Yuka and I had one of these Kiros Moments last year and God used it to change our lives in ways we never expected and now, here we are at Jlodge!! 

Pearls of Wisdom

Pearl of Great Price

What if the guy who sold everything he had to buy the incomparable pearl of great price was God and you were the incomparable pearl? The text certainly allows for that interpretation and I have taught it that way for years. The concept was first introduced to me by my good friend, John Milgate when he was teaching at Maranatha Bible Church around thirty years ago. 

House Church?

House Church

Is it a house, or maybe a church . . . . no!! I get it!! It's a coffee shop!! . . . . no, wait, maybe it's a church? 

So, what would you find if you joined us for a typcial Sunday morning meeting at Jlodge? The answer is, "it depends". It depends on who comes and on what the needs of the group are. And sometimes on other things too. 


Two Boys

Today some friends are staying with us at our home. They have two kids and it's been very fun to have them playing around and making "kid" noises. A few minutes ago their mother asked them to go outside and play. Now I am watching them from the dining area. The two boys immediately found a couple of sticks and a very small unripened fruit that fell from a tree during a recent rain. They have quickly created a friendly competitive game of hitting the little piece of fruit around and presumably trying to accomplish something.

Keeping Your Perspective

You know what it's like to hold your hand up close to your face. When you do, all you can see is your hand. If you kept it there, you could easily get caught up in the details of your hand and lose sight of other things like where you are walking. The lines and creases on your hand would begin to take on a much greater importance than they do when you leave your hand swinging at your side. 

Japan Trivia

Raw Horse Meat

If you are looking around these pages you must be interested in Japan, right? Here are some fun and interesting facts that you might not know about this land and it's people.