This is How it Was Done

Jesus crucified

They all came rushing over to Solomon's Colonnade! Everyone wanted to see what had happened. There was no big riot. No one was fighting and there were no Roman soldiers involved. Actually it was all over, there was nothing left to see -- just three guys standing there talking together . . . or was there more?

Humility - Putting Others First

Kneeling Geisha

I don't want to be a servant, I want to have servants! Many years ago Melody Church Mouse made that declaration when she discovered that God wanted her to serve others. Japan is known as a very polite society. People bow to show respect and to greet one another with a measure of humility and respect. Drivers are very patient with each other and with pedestrians and will quietly wait for others. Sometimes while waiting for a red light drivers will turn off their headlights to avoid shining their lights into the eyes of others.

Is That Your Best?


Always Doing One’s Best - Very few of us wake up in the morning thinking, “Today I think I will be mediocre” or “Today I will just get by.” We may be tired or sick and the best we can give just doesn’t seem to be good enough. And sometimes we are just fine but our best doesn’t seem to be good enough. But few of us ever decide that we want to be failures. However, when it comes to taking care of small details that will soon get lost in the bigger picture or will never have an impact on the outcome of a project, we don’t mind slacking off a bit.

Broken People Helping Broken People

When we are hurting or in trouble the easiest place to go for comfort is to others who have been hurt and in trouble. Often they have been softened by their experiences and are more understanding than they were before undergoing their own tragedies. This article posted on LinkedIn by Jonathan Wilson offers an insightful look into criminals, Yakuza men who helped those who were suffering and broken because of the great earthquake and tsunami that ravaged northern Japan. 

Reaching Kids

Jr. High School Children

If there is any future for the church in Japan it begins with the children. D. L. Moody once said that if he could go back and do it all over again he would have devoted his entire ministry to reaching children. (Posted by Pastor Jonathan Wilson)

Did you know that it has been written that over 70% of people who receive Christ as their Savior do it between the ages of 4 to 14 years old? Somehow I skipped that age and didn't receive Christ until I was 20. 


The Coffee Shop is Not the Point

Jlodge Folks

We just finished a record-breaking week at Jlodge!! All week we thought it would be slow and day after day we were proved wrong. New students, others who have not been in for a while and even professors and members from the surrounding community came in to relax in our little oasis. It would be easy to think that the ministry, the best parts of Jlodge are all about Jlodge. But, in fact, Jlodge represents a concept of ministry

It's Hard to Know

You know about Jlodge. It's the ministry that is also a coffee shop, right? Or, maybe it's the coffee shop that is also a ministry?! But knowing what it is doesn't help us know what God's plans are for any particular day! Usually it's students who come in and the conversation begins as we talk about the weather or how studying is going or maybe about an upcoming Jlodge concert.

Where are We Going


Yuka and I used to love backpacking into the Sierra Mountain Wilderness. There are some spectacular trails with scenery that is hard to describe and even good pictures don't quite capture the grandeur and peaceful beauty of it all. 

But without good preparation and planning, things can go horribly wrong and that place of such serenity and beauty can be a terrifying place to be. So, among all the other preparations such as first aid, food, water and shelter, we always brought along a current topographical map and a good compass.