Looking Through Time

Fall colors

I have often wondered how God sees us and the world. He is not limited by time like we are. He can see the beginning and the end of a thing before it has begun. He knows all things, sees all things and He is always everywhere.

When I see a time-laps of something like a flower opening or the sunset, I often wonder if God can see it that way whenever He chooses. I wonder if He always sees everything in every way of seeing it.

This short video reminds me of God, of His perspective on the world, of His perspective on me, on all of us.


Bicycle Cop in Japan - Amazing!



Japanese Police officer pursues and pulls over a Lamborghini super-car . . . while on a bicycle!

What I Learned as a Leper

This article is directly copied from the Christian Today Web site. The link is: http://christiantoday.com.au/news/what-i-learned-as-a-leper.html. It is written by Christina Jones about her experience in coming to Japan to help after the earthquake/tsunami of 2011. More or her articles can be found here: http://www.pressserviceinternational.org/christina-jones.html.

Amazing Artist

Thijme Termaat

In this collection of things I have posted I like to include things I consider noteworthy. This young man, Thijme Termaat caught my attention recently and I want to share his work with you. It is an unusual approach to art and, although I wouldn't want to always view things this way, this is worth your while.


Music & Food Festival!!


This past week Yuka and I had Jlodge participate in the Music & Food festival on the TokeiUniversity campus. It was a LOT of work and a LOT of fun too. We met many new people who we hope will begin coming to Jlodge and we had a great opportunity to reconnect with many others we have known in the past. Overall this was a very successful event for us. 

Special Music Video

dharfer youssef

A very creative and beautiful work of art in musical form. Dhafer Youssef manages to fuse together intricate rhythms and tonal patters of the Middle East with his incredible talent and create some beautiful jazz pieces. I think it is well worth your time to sit quietly and listen!!

Eating Lunch in School

school lunch

My school lunch experience was much, much different from young children in Japan. It looked a lot like this picture. We all left our classrooms and gathered in the cafeteria to eat. We found our friends to sit with and after eating we all headed outside to play for the after lunch recess. You did the same, right?


Words Matter


I love living in Japan. Food is great, the people are nice and the culture is rich and interesting. It enfolds one in a comfortable closeness that takes getting use to but which yields rich rewards for anyone willing to invest themselves into it.