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Fall colors

I have often wondered how God sees us and the world. He is not limited by time like we are. He can see the beginning and the end of a thing before it has begun. He knows all things, sees all things and He is always everywhere.



Japanese Police officer pursues and pulls over a Lamborghini super-car . . . while on a bicycle!

This article is directly copied from the Christian Today Web site. The link is: It is written by Christina Jones about her experience in coming to Japan to help after the earthquake/tsunami of 2011.

Thijme Termaat

In this collection of things I have posted I like to include things I consider noteworthy. This young man, Thijme Termaat caught my attention recently and I want to share his work with you. It is an unusual approach to art and, although I wouldn't want to always view things this way, this is worth your while.

Why Japan - Why Now

JapanJapan is one of the worlds largest economies and yet they suffer from one of the world's highest suicide rates.

What is Jlodge?






and why are we involved?


How Can I Support You?

Sometimes people ask how they can support us. We are very happy to announce that JEMS has completely overhauled the online giving page to make it easier and more streamlined. 

First, simply click on the donation button on the right. Donation ButtonFrom there you will be taken to the NEW DONATION PAGE where you can read about our ministry and see a video we made about our work at JLODGE .  If you would like to make an offering to support our ministry in Japan you can simply select the amount of your donation or fill in the "other" amount. Then, click the "Donate" button. From there you will be guided through the short one-time process of setting up an account with payment information.  

I know that many of you have already set up accounts with JEMS and I don't like asking you to do that again. However, we are moving everything over to a new and vastly improved system and that will require a new account. Fortunately it is not complicated and will only take a few minutes. 

ECFA badgeJems is a member of the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability. We are diligent and careful about how your donations are applied so that they can be used where God has intended.